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Hi gang.

It's possible I need a new beta and a specially for my werewolf verse. I'm trying for a month now to reach my friend/plotbuddy/beta and no success so far. I'm back into the game with writing and art and started my new bloodwolf series. I'll have to mention the characters of the series are taken from desimovies (bollywood, telugu, tamil and so on) so not sure if anyone is familiar with that genre. I'm also have an idea for an original story that I want to post online, it's an interracial story and one of the main characters is wheelchair bound, it's all I'm saying right now. So let me know if you're interested. It's possible you get this more then once, sorry for that.

Stranded in a DC airport on Christmas Eve, Scott Walker is determined to make it home to Miami – and his lover, Ian Connor. Scott has been thinking about asking his much-younger lover to move in with him, but he’s not sure if the popular, attractive Ian is ready to settle down.

Calling in a favor from a friend, Scott makes it home in time for the holidays. Will his Christmas wish come true or is he destined to be disappointed?


Scott walked toward the house and was surprised that it was dark inside since Ian should have been home already. Opening the front door, he saw several lit candles on the floor, forming a line that lead toward their bedroom.

Continuing his journey in that direction, Scott saw a red rose lying on the ground. Picking it up, he held it to his nose and inhaled the sweet scent of his favorite flower. This was what Scott loved so much about Ian, his romantic soul.

Smiling, Scott opened the door and saw more candles everywhere -- on the nightstands, furniture, the floor -- on any available flat surface.

"Ian?" he called out, the tension he'd been caring around for days easing little by little.

Suddenly, two strong arms wrapped around him from behind and a hand grabbed his crotch, fingers rubbing over his already twitching cock. Moaning, Scott leaned back against his lover.

"Hi," Ian whispered in his ear.

Turning around, Scott felt his cock got even harder when he realized that Ian was completely naked, except for his glasses, which made him look so geeky, sexy and fuckable as hell. Damn. Ian knew exactly how to get him all wired up. He pressed his body against Ian's in a desperate need to feel the warmth of his lover.

It had been a hectic week, making preparations for his trip, and he'd barely had time for Ian. And now they had one night together before he had to leave for DC.

"Hi back" He leaned in to kiss Ian. Without breaking apart, Scott started to undress, letting go only when he had to take his pants off.

Ian whined in protest as Scott stepped away.

You find it here

My short story for Torquere's Naughty and Nice Christmas Sip 'A Christmas Present' will be published the 11th of december. *ish bouncing*

YES YES YES YES!!!! My story got accepted.

I submitted a short story for Torquere's Naughty and Nice Christmas sip and just got a mail that it is accepted. *does happy dance* I'm so excited it's my first story I submitted and it got accepted!!!! I still can't believe it.

Caught by Surprise By LD Madison.

This is a must read. I just loved the book, I read it in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down. I recommend it to everyone who loves gay romance and angst. It's a coming out story and sometimes very angsty, but don't worry it has a happy ending.


The cover is copyright by Marci Gass, Please don't take it.

Update on me.

Hiya guys.

As some of you know I'm no longer a member of Sylum, was booted off the list without any explanation. Sorry for being so silent, but the pain in my mouth is finally less. I have a molar that has to be pulled, but first I'll have to get rid of the abcess, so I'm taking antibiotics. Couldn't even concentrate enough to write because of the pain, but I'm feeling better. I'm waiting for my beta to send me back some stories she beta'd for me, but she got stuck in the heavy rainfall and was getting wet feet, but she is back home so it won't be long now untill I update the stories, be patient, please. You will find them on my LJ's and my ff.net account.

I got some bunnies while on vacation, but they are containt in a cage untill I have time to start working on them. *headdesk*

My biggest bunny is a new show I discovered while in England, Top Gear, Richard Hammond (the hamster) is such a cuty and he loves fast cars. I never thought I would love an auto show this much but it is so funny and I love the challenges they have to do.

It's possible he is going to be my second RP in my Wereverse. Mmhmm a werewolf who loves fast cars, is short and has the nickname 'The Hamster' *snickers*

It's possible you get this post more then once, sorry for that.



Dreamwidth Account.

I did it, I opened an account on dreamwidth *headdesk*. Instead of trying to figure out who has an account there too, I'm doing it like this. Here is the link, feel free to friend me.


I will post my Alternate Universe stories I'm going to write and writing on that journal. Well if you want to know more, check out the first and only post I put up there. Please be patient, I'm still exploring it.

Update on me.

Okay sorry for being so silent, but I'm doing a lot of stuff right now. I'm still working on my original 'Mating Rituals' it's a slow process, so please be patient. I also started on my next part of my Wereverse, first chapter can be found on the Sylum list, will put it up on wolfs_embrace later today. I'm also working on some new original idea's and converting some of my other stories into originals and starting on dusting off some old bunnies. Yes I wll continue to write on my other stories, but it will be slow. I will also update my LJ's as soon as possible, I already put up some links to other LJ's and sites where my stories can be found in my Master fic and series list here aidenschallenge it's on the end of the list. They are not all up there yet. I will also finally put up the bonding tattoo of Warrick/Eric on wolfs_embrace I'm also going to work on making some icons again. You can find them here blades_mate some of them will be crossposted to other LJ comm's. You will find this post on more of my LJ's sorry for that.


My original story.

Sorry guys for the long wait, but every time I'm edditing something on MR or reread it I come up with new developments for my story. What started as a simple story of 15k is slowly growing, I'm up to 20k *headdesk* So be patient, thanks.

On another note: After long and I mean very long thinking, I decided to change my name to avoid any other issues around the name. So I will be also making a new LJ, no worries I'll friend you there, but give me some time, I'm still thinking of a new name. I'll let you know when it's up there.